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Careers at a Bulldog Company

Bulldog Group, Inc. is a unique organization with advancement opportunities available for qualified, motivated individuals who prove to be dedicated workers. Bulldog Group, Inc. companies strive to provide high-quality products to its customers and the best way to do this is to hire high-quality, long-term associates who want to be a part of the Bulldog team.

Six Reasons to work for a Bulldog Company

Reason #1: Your safety is our TOP priority

Safety isn’t something that is just talked about once a week and then forgotten until the next week. At Bulldog Companies, we want to make sure every associate gets to go home to his or her family at the end of the work day. We like to call it not just talking the talk, but walking the talk.

Team Member at CSC Awnings tied off on a lift using appropriate PPE

Reason #2: Our culture

Bulldog Group strives to provide an engaging, fun atmosphere for its employees. Many companies have annual Family Fun Day get-togethers, Company Soccer Tournaments, and company outings to watch local sports teams.

Team Members of Triad Roofing Company during their Annual Family Day Soccer Game

Reason #3: Job security AND no student debt? Yes, please!

There is a severe skilled worker shortage. Most of our jobs provide on the job training and require no more than a high school diploma.

Team Member at CSC Awnings

Reason #4: The benefits we offer

Unlike many construction companies, Bulldog Group, Inc. companies offer valuable health insurance coverage. We also have the following optional coverages: dental insurance, vision insurance, long-term disability insurance, short-term disability insurance, critical illness insurance, and term life insurance. In addition, we offer a 401k plan with a generous company match to associates after one year. The company matches dollar for dollar the on the first 3% of an associate's elective contributions and $0.50 per dollar on the next 2% of an associate's elective contributions. 

Team Members at Coastal Commercial Roofing

Reason #5: We are proud of the work we do and think if you join our team, you will be too.

The work we do is serious business. We put roofs on big data centers to keep sensitive information safe. We put canopies over walkways at schools so children don’t have to walk in the rain between classes. We make sure hospitals are watertight so that when it rains, water doesn’t come in the operating room and contaminate the environment. We like talking about the projects we work on because we know when they are done, they are serving a very important purpose.

Millennium Charter Academy Addition in Mount Airy, NC

Reason #6: We view our associates as a valuable asset to our organization, not something easily replaced.

We understand that without our associates, our business wouldn’t exist. We strive to make your time with us as beneficial to you as we can.

Team Members at CSC Awnings

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If you think you have what it takes to be an asset to our organization why wait any longer? Apply today to become a part of the Bulldog team!
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