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Commercial Roofing

Nine of the Bulldog Group Companies are commercial roofing companies. The companies are located from Manassas, VA, in the north, all the way down to Conway, SC in the south.

Collectively, our roofing companies are licensed to work in: NC, SC, VA, MD, DC, TN, GA, WV, and AL.

Our companies can install all types of commercial roof systems. We especially like re-roofs and jobs that give us a challenge. Our roof technicians and foremen are some of the best in the industry. Some of our technicians have been with us for over 20 years-that kind of experience provides our customers with the highest quality service. 

Member Companies in the Commercial Roofing Industry

Kernersville, NC

Charlotte, NC

Winston-Salem, NC

Reidsville, NC

Zebulon, NC

Claremont, NC

Greenville, SC

Conway, SC

Manassas, VA

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