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Safety First. Safety Last. Safety Always

Safety in the construction environment is of top priority to our company. Members of the Bulldog Group extensively train all of their employees in safe work practices.  All companies perform pre-employment and random drug screening with a ZERO tolerance policy for all offenders. All employees are subject to a background check and DMV verification.

The members of Bulldog Group all share an excellent EMR rating and we are 75% below the industry average for accidents and illnesses.  We are proud to say that we have one of the lowest rates in the country.  

Mickey Childress, Triad ROofing Company President

Mickey Childress, President at Triad Roofing Company, participates in an awareness training about the importance of proper eye protection. 

Our Safety Culture: Safety Gets Personal

We understand that in order for people to want to work safely, they need motivation. That's why at The Bulldog Companies, we make safety personal. We strive to have zero unsafe behaviors, zero accidents and zero incidents. Ultimately, we want every employee to get home safely at the end of the day (albeit a little tired from a hard day's work). 

That's why we involve families in our safety program. We have an annual Come Home Safe competition. During this competition, our employees' children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren draw or write about what it means to them for their family member to Come Home Safe. Winners of each age group receive something special like a set of tickets to go see a movie and a gift card for dinner or a day off to spend with their child. We also utilize Safe 4 the Right Reasons and Walk the Talk Safety Programs at our locations. 

Family-it's what it's all about!


Omar Rios, Service Foreman at Triad Roofing Company, poses with his family at the annual Winston-Salem Air Show. 

Omar Rios, Triad Roofing Company employee, and family

Entries into the Come Home Safe Competition for the 2018 year are hung in the warehouse after the competition so our employees can view and be reminded of them throughout the year. 

The Bulldog Group is a proud member of the National Safety Council. 

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